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Welding robot arm
  • Whether to Customize:Yes

  • Place of Origin:China

  • Number of Joints:6 axes

  • Scope of Work:Automatic welding, handling, palletizing

  • Applicable Fields:Applicable to hardware processing, auto partsfurniture parts, 

                                 heating pipe welding pre-buried parts accessories

Product DetailsShop recommended

High capacity to take up,Prevent wear and tear

Adopt one element adjustment, easy to operate,the arc form can be freely adjusted to adapt to                  different welding machines.


Ultra-low spatter

        Fine control of the whole cycle from arc 

       ignition to liquid bridge disconnection, 

       realizing ultra-low spatter in short-circuit                 transition.



Contact back to the                   axis of arc initiation

    New contact back to draw arc,reduce arc 

   sputtering to improve arc starting efficiency.

Constant arc                           length control

      The full number of bureau speed inverter                control, rapid adjustment of the arc voltage 

      to achieve a stable welding process in a wide        range of arc pressure.



Suitable for                           a wide range of materials

        Built-in rich database of welding experts, can               realize pulse and short circuit welding of carbon 

       steel,stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other