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PLX7500 Lead the Trend of 3D Imaging

Brand:Perlove Medical


Product Origin: Nanjing, China


Delivery Time:5-10 working days


Supply Capacity:Depending on the product


Highlights: Intraoperative 3D imaging,Vertical movement of 

                  flatpanel detector,Medical color monitor, Smart 

                  dose control

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Lead the Trend of 3D Imaging




Intraoperative 3D Confirms  

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Intraoperative 3D imaging

Intraoperative 3D imaging and CT-like imaging provides 

precise information from every angle during the  surgical 

procedures——pinpoint anatomical structures, implants 

and screws more confidently.

Large volume of 3D imaging

Delivers a 3D image covering a volume of a vertical cylinder 18cm high by 18cm diameter, more information  would be 

seen in one volume: 

  • Seven cervical vertebrae 

  • Seven thoracic vertebrae 

  • Five lumbar vertebra 

  • Bilateral iliosacral joints 

  • Femur head and unilateral pelvis

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Easy 3D setup

Thanks to wide space of C-arm, 3D scan procedure takes 

around 60s for complete information,  which translates into 

reduced surgery time for clinical work.

More efficient workflflow

Intuitive intraoperative 3D evaluation avoids unnecessary 

postoperative CT scans and corrective  surgery, saving 

time and costs.


Complete 3D scan

With iso-centric scan technology, 190°orbital movement 

in a motorized 3D scan from any direction  giving you,

complete, highly accurate 3D information in outstanding 




Excellent 2D, 3D Image Quality

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Traditional image intensifier        Dynamic flat panel detector


Get connected to navigation

Seamless navigation port connects the 3D C-arm to the 

navigation or robotic guidance system wirele -ssly. Image-

guided surgery allows for less invasive approaches and 

more decision-making confidence  within the OR.  

Flat panel detector technology

large (30 x 30 cm) amorphous silicon flat detector offers 

large, crystal-clear 2D image and high -resolution 3D 

reconstruction. Every tiny anatomical structures and 

implants become visible.

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Smart dose control

Adjust dose dynamically during fluoroscopy with intelligent hardware and closed-loop softw -are algorithms and 

minimize dose while optimizing image quality.

High frequency X-ray generators

Self-developed high frequency X-ray generator achieves 

outstanding images by adjustable  pulse frequency, even 

in obese patients and dense tissue.

Exceptional Ease of Use

Vertical movement of flflat panel detector

Adjustable movement of flat panel detector allows for intraoperative fine-tuning of the distance between  the detector and 

the subject, to receive more x-ray signal for clearer imaging 

based a certain dose.



          Vertical Movement 400mm          Horizontal Travel 200mm


                    Rotation 190°                          Pivot Movement≥±180°

Wide space C-arm

With a tube-detector distance of up to 90 cm (35.4”), 

PLX7500 offers plenty of room for easy setup  and quick  



Multiple infection control

No external cable between C-arm and chassis makes it 

easy to be covered with sterile drapes. The  surface of C-arm features anti-microbial paint, maintaining a high level of infection control.

All motorized movement control

All motorized movements in 5 directions move the C-arm 

into the exact position desired safely and stably.

Wireless footswitch

Optional footswitch creates greater freedom in OR, and 

avoids damage caused by trample to cable.

Multiple Screen Display


Medical color monitor

34-inch ultra-wide medical color 

monitor with high resolution, 

brightness and contrast provides 

ultimate reading experience

6283d963-cb88-4279-ab5a-031cbd8d1940 Integrated review 


Integrated medical color monitor 

on the C-arm body  offers near-

table reviews, relieving memory 


3e5f1783-5ffc-4532-b48e-31984d221032 Intuitive touchscreen 


Intuitive touchscreen control 

center creates quick  control 

and sterile environment, 

saving time during  procedures.


Removable grid

Remove grid by barehand to reduce dose in pediatric  and other 



a7d6b84a-a02e-43ea-b347-59250727adc3.png   Low dose mode

   Reduce dose exposure significantly for 

   particularly dose-sensitive procedures,  pediatrics.

ae2e74f6-3a06-4835-8f0e-349665d95a4e.png    Collimators preview

    Preview and positioning collimators

    in exposure-free conditions.

da9f2972-fc77-4c60-af21-3e85c07694f7.png    Realtime dose monitoring

    Intuitive dose display for easy 

    assessments of patient Dose(DAP) 

    and effective control.

Steps to Create a 3D Image


                                   3D Images

 40c4fc66-7deb-4aaf-af1c-2760af977d43  947c7368-e7d0-4501-b9e9-eda290086d1c ab040e2c-21f9-4b8e-846b-974cc3e5e3c2

                                   2D Images

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                                                                                                                      Maximizing surgical confifidence with 3D imaging