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Medical Instrument > Radiology Equipment & Accessories > Other Radiology Equipment & Accessories > PLX7100A HF Mobile Digital C-arm System (Flat Panel Detector)
PLX7100A HF Mobile Digital C-arm System (Flat Panel Detector)

Brand:Perlove Medical

Product Origin: Nanjing, China

Delivery Time:5-10 working days

Supply Capacity:Depending on the product

Highlights: Full view FPD, outstanding image quality and largefield 

                  of view coverage evenduring image rotation.A-si detectorwith 

                  CSi screen, excellent spatial resolution

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                                                                               HF Mobile Digital C-arm System (Flat Panel Detector)


Advanced digital imaging 

technology, Sharp image




         ●  Full view FPD, outstanding image quality and large field of view 

             coverage even during image rotation. 

         ●  High dynamic field of view, achieve the optimal image of human 

             body's soft tissueand skeletal tissue. 

         ●  A-si detector with CSi screen,  excellent spatial resolution.


    ●  Perfect digital imaging chain makes the routine operation easily as follow:

         Orthopedics department                           Spine surgery 

         General surgery                                        Pain surgery 

         Orthopedic surgery                                   Gastroenterology department 

         Traumatology department                         Gynecology 

         Urinary surgery


    ●  Perfect image processing system with extraordinary function  ensures what you get. 

    ●  Built-in advanced image automati coptimum processing and  enhancing module realize the sharp clinical image. 

    ●  Based on the Laplacian pyramid algorithm to achieve image  contrast enhancement and in-time tissue equalization. 

    ●  Professional working station has more image post-processing  function such as the image W/L adjustment, region of

        interest  balance, GAMMA correction,flip, noise reduction,smoothing,  sharpening etc.

    ●  Professional high-definition LCD medical display system  presents you the ideal clinic images.


●  A high performance imaging workstation  and image 

   processing system serves you a convenient interface 

   for integration with network. 

●  Work-list registration for seamless integration  in your 

    hospital environment. 

●  Dicom 3.0 network interface for integration  with PACS 

    or RIS. 

●  CD burning for easy image transfer. 

●  Multi-storage methods for easy image transfer.


     Flat panel detector up and down

47c40e60-350b-445c-95e7-61cbcc6908c8       Motorized horizontal rotate


Motorized horizontal stretch



      6cd0fb9b-1a14-4e92-9d2f-da0c26abe6de          Horizontal swinging


Motorized up and down


   ●  C-arm widely vertical movement range meets various  height demand of operation table. 

   ●  Longer orbit sliding range brings you more visible area. 

   ●  C-arm back and forward movement can make non-central  parts be covered easier. 

   ●  SID can be adjusted by detector movement to expand  exposure area, bring you outstanding image and more  

       operation space. 

   ●  Simultaneous movement in 5 axes. 

   ●  Rapid motorized control, meet accurate position demands. 

Advanced digital imaging technology, Sharp image



    Double rotatable flat-screen monitors on the 

    trolley, clearly visualize the smallest  anatomical 

    details even at an angle.


              Human graphical LCD touch screen  

              with accurate APR parameters setting 

              realizes convenient operation. 



        Hand controller on C-arm stand:  control 

        the mechanical and  collimator movement, 

        improve  your workflow even you are away  

        from the unit.

     Hand-held and panel dual-control  system, 

     control mechanical  movement from long 

     distance  or at your hand all the time.



           Multi-functional foot switch for hand free 

        direction  access to fluoroscopy and 

        radiography, convenient  for close table 

        and compartment operation.

Intelligent digital pulse, Low dose, High quality

Digital pulse dose intelligent control technology meet EU requirements of medical equipment. 

Real time, continuous pulse fluoroscopy technology, multiple frequency adjustment, instantaneous  

high tube current output assures the high quality image and low dose.


   330858e6-afe4-4d7e-93f2-97496587d382.png   fced84d2-6a3d-42d4-a1cf-0f101ecfc601

                                              Digital pulse dose intelligent control technology

1. High-frequency generator deliver the power you need for all the typical applications in spine surgery, orthopedics, 

    traumatology, urology and pain management. 

2. Unique design of large thermal capacity(>1000kJ) with advanced heat dissipation technology, allows for clear images, 

    even for long or repeated procedures. 

3. Motorized iris collimator help achieve outstanding and optimized dose. 

4. Advanced digital working station with versatile image post-processing functions.


Power Output 

Inverter Frequency



Continuous Fluoroscopy 

Mode(manual &automatic)

Tube Voltage: 40kV ~ 125kV
Tube Current: 0.3mA ~ 5mA
Enhance FluoroscopyTube Voltage: 40kV ~ 125kV
Tube Current: 0.3mA ~ 10mA

Pulse Fluoroscopy 

Photography Mode

Tube Voltage: 40kV ~ 125kV

Tube Current: 0.3mA ~ 100mA

Tube Voltage: 40kV ~ 125kV

Tube Current: 70 ~ 200mA

                                             1aef5e9f-9c0f-4687-9392-323ae073e556.png                       c1c7702b-063c-4d9d-856c-8d23ace77679.png

            Crosshair overlay corresponding with laser  light, designed for easily checkpoint location  before operation, 

            avoiding unnecessary  exposure. Human graphical LCD touch screen  with accurate APR parameters setting 

            realizes convenient operation. Hand-held and panel dual-control  system, control mechanical  movement from 

            long distance  or at your hand all the time. Multi-functional foot switch for hand free direction  access to 

            fluoroscopy and radiography, convenient