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PLX119C Mobile C-arm System with Upgraded FPD

Brand:Perlove Medical

Product Origin: Nanjing, China

Delivery Time:5-10 working days

Supply Capacity:Depending on the product

Highlights:  Increasing 100% of Field of View,Crystal-clear imagewith delicacy,

                   Lower leakage radiation in the loading state,Highfrequency pulsed 

                   fluoroscopy,All-in-one compact design

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Wiseye PLX119C

Mobile C-arm System with Upgraded FPD


Upgraded FPD  Revealing more anatomical details




    Increasing 100% of Field of View

    Equipped with 30cm30cm large size 

    dynamic FPDimaging area has been 

    increased by 100% comparedwith the 

    conventional FPD.


   Crystal-clear image with delicacy

4MP resolution image combined with lowsignal-noise ratio reveals tiniest anatomicaldetails.

Double the image size Decrease 

exposure times

       234c8909-a6aa-4062-b8b8-32820d518ae3    9bb0397d-496e-4bd1-80e9-0766c8772e42

                 30cmx30cm                         21cmx21cm

Full lumbar vertebrae imaging

5 lumbar vertebrae can be photographed within one image 

by a 30cm x 30cm FPD, largely decreasingexposure times 

caused by insufficient image FOV, making it easier for 

surgeon to locate lesions and to makesurgica! plan in the 

procedure like pedicle screw fixation or procedure with strict 

imaging demand.

        c27199ce-03ff-4108-bd36-b9a3bc017646     2e252775-2ffb-4f5c-975d-c71bd6e0ca0a

                    30cmx30cm                       21cmx21cm

Entire pelvic imaging

lmage taken by 30cm x 30cm FPD can basicly cover the 

entire pelvic floor. In the surgery of bilateral-pevicfractures 

or pelvic ring internal fixation, all the fracture site can be 

revealed by a single exposure, which signif.cantly improves 

overall efficiency.





                      Clinical image


      Clinical application


       c5fff566-47cc-4030-a5d4-51cbc1e3bc43.png          e7bfb0e6-12ce-4c3d-b08c-e6e31f2ac615

                Joint surgery                               Trauma surgery

    Image with high resolution can       Flexible mechanical movement 

   clearly reveal articularstructure,      easy positioning for different 

  helping surgeonsto better locate       type of trauma surgery, 

   the target.                                        providing comfortable handling                                                                experience.

                     94bc9c90-96e4-4a2a-a509-734145a25c4d.png                               53e6b201-c230-4624-99e9-f28755f0265b.png

                  Spine surgery                         Pain management

    Upgraded FPD present more          Multiple radiation protection 

    details ofvertebrae, helping             decreaseoverall exposure   

    surgeons to better making                times during minimally 

    surgical plans.                                   invasive procedure.



Low dose 

management Multiple protection


             LOWER DOSE 


 Lower leakage radiation in the loading 90680743-3e7c-4306-8721-e696586c51a6.pngstate

Leakage radiation in the loading state of X-ray tube is far more lower than CFDA and FDA standard.

                providing better protection from the X-ray source.


       CFDA Standard     FDA Standard       PLX119C

ed2a3ce5-346b-4985-95b9-508c12bb35d8.png High frequency pulsed fluoroscopy

X-ray generated in high frequency pulse wave can decrease 50% of 

radiation dose compared with acontinous fluoroscopy. This particular technology has a positive effect on weaking the motion artifact.


Dose area product monitoring

Real time DAP meter displayed on image.

 Easy for monitoring radiation level.

Intelligent parameter adjustment

Optimized and adjustable exposure parameter created by intelligent hardware and algorithm provide a friendly examination scenario.


Virtual collimator

Allowing radiologist to preview and to adjust exposure area before 

exposure, reducingunnecessary radiation.

Aluminum beam filtration

Decreasing radiation level by absorbing soft X-ray. 

Ensuring high quality image for precise diagnosis and treatment.

    Flexible and efficient        Instant surgery share

         Compact design + Standby power=A seamless connection among ORs.


All-in-one compact design

● The allin-one compact design ofC-arm               eliminates the monitor cart ancwires, 

   which make it moving dexterously.

● 1m' area coverage takes smaller footprint 

    for smaller size operatingrooms.

Standby power

● When the power is cut off, the machine is         able to remain activated anctransit to                 another OR without power connection. As         soon as it reconnectto the AC, the machine       will immediately restore normalfunction.

Fast imaging

● Fast imaging in less then 1 second, saving       valuable time during surgery. improving             workflow efficiency.