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PLX118C series Mobile Digital FPD C-arm System

Brand:Perlove Medical

Product Origin: Nanjing, China

Delivery Time:5-10 working days

Supply Capacity:Depending on the product

Highlights: Always remind safety through the exposure 

                    statusindicator,High-quality integrated X-ray 

                    generator,32-inch ultrawide screen display

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PLX118C series 

Mobile Digital FPD C-arm System






Two-way laser positioning

Equipped with laser positioning systems at both ends of 

the tube and flatpanel detectors to meet diferent positioning requirements.

More flexibility, More possibilities

Indifferent equilibrium design

The C-arm frame can be hovered at any angle in the 

unlocked state toensure safe and stable operation of 

the equipment.

32-inch ultra-wide screen display

The large-size 4k lCD display creates clear and delicate 

images; thedisplay can be rotated at a large angle to 

meet the needs of clinicalobservation of images from 

multidle angles.

Touch screen

Equipped with high-quality andlarge -size touch operation 

screen, highsensitivity, flexible rotation, convenient for 

clinicians to perform touchoperation from all angles of 

the machine.

One key switch

The machine can be started quickly, and the work can be 

carried out intime when urgently needed, which can 

improve work effidency extremely.

Standby design without power connection

The machine can realize the transition between multiple 

operating roomswithout power connection, which improves 

the working efficiency of themachine.

Sharp in every image,  

Care for every clinicians

Dynamic flat panel detector

Equipped with a 9 inches * 9 inches flat panel detector, 

output grayscale 16bit, high DOE, lownoise, dynamic range 

promotion, superior imaging performance, clear images, 

and meetvarious clinical examination needs.

High frequency inverter technology

The ray waveform is a rectangular wave with low scattered 

rays, which prevents the generation ofsoft rays from the 

source, ensures the ray dose control, and efectively cares 

for the health of doctorsand patients

With low dose mode

The machine is set with low-dose exposure parameters to 

strictly control unnecessary radiat-ion dose.

Virtual collimators

The virtual collimators design can realize the adjustment of 

the size of the exposure range to reo-uce the radiation 

caused by repeated clinical exposure in a wireless state, 

And automatically adjustthe size and location of the image 

interest area, using the automatic mode is more accurate.


           Traditional image intensifier         Dynamic plate detector


Pluggable grid

The pluggable design of the grid complies with national 

industry standards and is used in pedi-atrics and other 

dose -sensitive applications. Easy to use, while ensuring 

clear images, it caneffectively protect against radiation 


Intelligent frequency conversion technology

Automatically adjust the image frame rate according to the 

body part and the radiation dose toreduce the radiation 

dose while ensuring the image quality.

Intelligent image processing technology

Inteligent real-time image processing technology automatically analyzes images and performs enhan-cement processing, 

reducing tedious operations when processing images in 

clinical applications.Provide high-quality images quickly and 

complete clinical work efficiently.

1 second imaging

The desian of images coming out within 1 second can save 

doctors' waiting time in the clinical applica-tion process, 

hereby improving work efficiency.


DAP can be directly displayed during use to protect the 

health of doctors and patients..

Wireless exposure function

Wireless exposure footporint to achieve compartment 





         Clinical Image