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Medical Instrument > Radiology Equipment & Accessories > Medical X-ray Equipments & Accessories > PLD9600A Dynamic FPD RF System HF Digital Radiograghy and Fluoroscopy System
PLD9600A Dynamic FPD RF System HF Digital Radiograghy and Fluoroscopy System

Brand:Perlove Medical

Product Origin: Nanjing, China

Delivery Time:5-10 working days

Supply Capacity:Depending on the product

Highlights:   Millisecond snapshot, meet various clinical diagnosticrequirements,

                      Flexible and efficient multi dimensional movementSmart Innovation,

                      Fully functional dynamic FPD

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                                                                                                                                                        Dynamic FPD RF System 

                                                                                                                HF Digital Radiograghy and Fluoroscopy System

                                           721a5fc9-f402-467e-9126-3ec041199eeb.png        Excellent lmage Quality

                                           Millisecond snapshot, meet various clinical diagnostic requirements


                                                    Chest radiography                                                Lumbar vertebra radiography


                                                      Esophagography                                               Upper Gastrointestinal Contrast


                                         Lower Gastrointestinal Contrast                                       Full Gastrointestinal Contrast

Low radiation dose               High conversion rate

Instant exposure           Green and safe

● Adopt advanced pulse fluoroscopy technology, combined with high standard hardware configuration. 

   Well integrated ultra low dose and ultra high quality images.

● New automatic dose control system, obtain clearer image information with less radiation dose, 

   reduce radiation exposure to doctors and patients.

2 fluoroscopy modes adjustable





                    Large graphic LCD touch screen 

                           operation.Intelligent control, 

                                 intuitive and 


34c73fbe-9650-4756-9f78-5f3a2064420d.png    People-oriented and Great Care

Flexible and efficient multi-dimensional movement                                                                 

Full satisfaction in varieties of positions                                                                              

                                                                                                                      Focus Details       Perfect Experience

  Freely elevating


    Wide elevating range of table, low dearance from the 

    ground,convenient for disabled patient;Table surface 

    can be lowered to the position of bed, convenientto 

    move Patient, reduce Patients' pain and avoid second 

    time injury.

  Freely Up and down


        +90°axial symmetric design, meet different room 

           layout andclinical observation needs.

  Freely Stretching


      SID 1800mm electric stretching, meet the needs 

       of  chest radiographyin radiology department.

  Tube freely wigwagging


         X-ray tube tilting angle photography, meet clinical 

         radiography needs of special parts.

         Such as root bone axial, kneecap axial, cervical 

         vertebra frontalsacrum-coccyx,etc.

  Freely rotate


    Multifunctional foot panel can also be used as stable 

    andcomfortable seat for patient to do examination of 

    special bodyposition like throat photography based on 

    the column rotation.

  Freely column movement


          The detector can be moved in large scale which 

          eliminates the need forPatient re-positioning.


Fully functional dynamic FPD

Excellent image                       wide-range view

    17*17 large size dynamic FPD, which brings large acquisition areawide 

    imaging field and full image coverage.


High frame rate

High frame rate, makes it possible to acquire high definition images 

indynamic mode the same as in the static mode.


     The highest acquisition speed can be up to 30 frames/second, clear and smooth dynamic images

                                                       Automatic stitching function




               Scoliosis and weight-bearing skeletal deformityof lower limbs,

            Preoperative and postoperativepanoramic photography can 

            directly reflect theextent and location of the lesion, Provide 

            reliablediagnostic basis for clinical practice.


         Full spine, full lower limbs panoramic photographyachieve one-step 

         radiography during the observationof scoliosis from cervical vertebra 

         to caudal vertebraor other lesions. lt can directly show the whole

         anatomical form and scoliosis parts of spine andlower limbs, also 

         vertical position full lower limbs, fullspine imaging is only body position 

                                                                        which correctlyreflect the change of human physiological functions.