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Palletizing robot

Whether to Customize: Yes

Place of Origin: Jiangsu - China

Number of Joints: 6 axes

Weight: 72kg

Arm Span: 1171mm

Function: Palletizing, handling, loading and unloading

Product DetailsShop recommended

   High degree of freedom

  High degree of freedom,suitable for working on almost any trajectory or angle

eb9e008b-a8a9-4eb6-a784-66095ca77042  Freely programmable

  Can be freely programmed, easy to learn, to complete automated work to improve 

   productivity, controlled error rate

a2f71497-917e-4e83-a23b-e935ca99edeb Easy to operate Quick to start

  Function operation is simple,0 basic one day time canlearn the basic operation,7 days 

  skilled operation

9f5479a6-0903-479e-a528-0b32fca5749b  High positioning accuracy

  All arm joints are powered by servo motor driven RV reducer to complete accurate 

  movements,   positioning accuracy up to +0.02mm

bbe7f891-d72e-4539-949c-f15fd480a2ff Power failure protection function

Servo motor equipped with brake,even if the suddenpower failure can ensure that the robot 

does not prevent equipment and products fall or touch other equipment



      Controller panel

Large LCD display,

menu-based operation,

easy to operate and program.


           Robot arm

The robot arm is made of aluminum 

casting and finished by CNC 

machining center, and the surface is 

sprayed with plastic to achieve a 

beautiful appearance.



         wire line hole

The robot arm is pre-wired with a hole for the cable, which is beautiful and 

does not interfere with the operation of the robot and the end is pre-wired with a gas pipe interface and a data 



  Robot control cabinet

Intelligent motion control system with

 IPC technology, fully digital servo 

module provides drive power to the AC servo motors of the robot's 4 joints.


  Robot tooling fixture

The suction cup holder is installed 

on the end flange, and the suction 

cups are installed on the suction cup holder with the appropriate gravity and quantity according to the 

different products, which is easv to 

install and adiust the pick-up fixture and has a wide range of application.


       Robot fence mesh

    Through the establishment of the 

    guard fence,only the loading and 

    unloading channels are reserved,

    separating the equipment from the 

    staff and ensuring the personal 

    safety of the staff.