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Ldeal L7

Model name:Ldeal L7

Version:2023 MAX

Time to market:2022.09


Rank:Medium to large size SUV

Energy type:Extended-range Program

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The Ldeal L7 is a car under the Ideal brand. On the afternoon of September 30, 2022, Ideal Automobile officially 

released its first medium and large five-seat flagship SUV - Ldeal L7, offering Pro and Max models.

TheLdeal L7 two-row seat is a new independent development of the Ideal automobile based on the five-seat SUV 

model, bringing the second row seat comfort of the second row of the five-seat SUV, and the design difficulty even 

exceeds the Ldeal L9 two-row independent seat. With a maximum second-row legroom of 1,160 mm and a rear seat 

height of nearly one meter, the Ldeal L7 offers a ride comparable to that of a D-Class limousine.


Let's talk about the design of the L7 Max version. The vehicle lines are smooth and beautiful, giving a strong visual 

impact. The front face size is square, and the ring shape is presented by the perforated LED light group, giving a noble 

and unique atmosphere. The side design is to show its flat and steady characteristics, the bottom line is obvious and 

the bottom style is strong, highlighting the internal driving force of its power. The small sliding back design of the tail not 

only makes up for the lack of softness in the side, but also increases the fashion sense of the vehicle. The diversity of 

body lines makes the appearance of the L7 Max version more colorful and memorable.


Entering the car, you will be impressed by its sense of luxury and delicate texture. The center control area uses an 

obvious large-size center control screen, and the screen distribution is uniform and clear. The clean and tidy design 

increases the interior space and gives you a spacious and comfortable feeling. The attention to detail is even more 

impressive, and the moderate chrome metal trim enhances the texture of the interior, making the entire driving 

experience to the next level. The steering wheel is wrapped in leather material, which not only improves the comfort 

of driving, but also highlights the advanced sense of the interior. The driving computer screen and full LCD instrument 

are equipped with a variety of networking functions, so that you can enjoy the convenience of technology anytime and 



When it comes to power configuration, the L7 Max version also lives up to expectations. It is equipped with an electric 

motor with a maximum power of 330kW and a maximum torque of 620N·m. In addition, it uses a single-speed 

transmission of electric vehicles, making the shift more smooth. Moreover, the battery capacity of the L7 Max version 

is 42.8kWh, and the pure electric range announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is as high 

as 175km, so that you can enjoy the fun of pure electric driving. At the same time, it also has a series of innovative 

driver assistance systems and safety configurations, such as active safety warning system, active braking, parallel 

assistance, lane keeping assistance system, etc., to make your driving safer and more reliable.


It is worth mentioning that the Ldeal L7 has carefully created a one-button two-row "queen seat" mode for the hostess, 

which is composed of a soft and comfortable electric soft foot support, a two-row leg room of nearly 1.2 meters in length, 

a two-row backrest that can be adjusted continuously from 25 degrees to 40 degrees, and a 270-degree circular design, 

with an armrest box, so that the lover can be immersed in the whole wide soft and comfortable seat.

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Model name

Ldeal L7


2023 MAX


Medium to large size SUV

Energy type

Extended-range Program

Time to market


Engine model

Extended-range Add 154 horsepower


Body dimensions(mm)




Front track(mm)

Rear track(mm)1741
Curb weight(kg)2460
Body structureFive-door, Five - seat SUV 
Engine model
Engine modelL2E15M
Intake formTurbocharging
Engine layoutHold horizontally
Cylinder arrangementL
Number of cylinders(Of the project)4
Number of valves per cylinder(Of the project)4
Valve mechanismDOHC
Maximum horsepower(Ps)154
Maximum power(KW)113
Maximum net power(KW)110
Fuel formExtended-range
Fuel label95
Oil supply modeDirect injection
Cylinder head materialAluminium alloy
 Cylinder block materialAluminium alloy
Environmental standardsVI
Engine modePermanent magnet/synchronization
Total motor power330
Total motor power449
Total motor torque620
Maximum power of  front motor130
Maximum torque of the front motor220
Maximum torque of rear motor200
Integrated system power330
Integrated system power449
Combined system torque620
Number of  Drive motorDouble motor
Motor layoutPreposition + Postposition
Battery typeTernary lithium battery
Cell brandNind era
Battery cooling systemLiquid cooling
WLTC integrated battery life(km)170
CLTC Pure electric range(km)210
WLTC Combined endurance(km)1100
Battery capacity(kW/h)40.9
Battery pack warrantyEight years or 160,000 kilometers
Fast charge functionSupport
Fast charge power(kW)75
Fast charge hour(H)0.5
Slow charge hour(H)6.5
Fast charge (%)80
Number of gears1
Transmission typeFixed tooth ratio gearbox
For shortSingle-speed transmission for electric vehicles
 Chassis steering
Driving modeDual motor four - wheel drive
Four-wheel drive formElectric four - wheel drive
Measured off-road capabilityMeasured off - road capability
Front suspensionDouble fork arm independent suspension
Rear suspensionFive - link independent suspension
Assist typeElectric power assist
Car body structureSelf - supporting
 Wheel braking
Front brake typeVentilated disk type
Rear brake typeVentilated disk type
Braking distance40.32m
Parking brakeEPB Electronic parking
Front tire specification235/50 R20
Rear tyre specification235/50 R20
Spare gaugeNone
 Passive safety
Dual front airbags
Front/rear side airbags
Front and rear head curtain airbags
Tire pressure monitoring function
Seat belt not fastened reminder
ISOFIXChild seat connector
ABS Anti-lock
Braking force distribution
Brake assist
Traction control
Body stability control
Lane departure warning system
Active brake/Active safety system
Tired driving warning
DOW Door opening warning
Forward contact warning
Rear contact warning
Sentinel mode/Clairvoyant
Slow speed warning
Road assistance call
Driving control
Driving mode switch

● Movement
● Economy
● Standard/comfort
● Cross-country
● Snowfield

Energy Recycling System
Automatic parking
Uphill assistance
Steep slope slow down
Variable suspension function

●Suspension soft and hard condition
●High - profile suspension

Air suspension
Driving hardware
Before/post parking radar  Front ● / Back ●
Driving Auxiliary Image● 360 - degree panoramic image
Transparent chassis/540 degrees image
Auxiliary driving chip● Orin - X
Chip's total power● 508 TOPS
Number of cameras● 11
Number of ultrasonic radar● 12
Number of millimeter wave radar● 1
Number of lidar● 1
Driving function
Cruise system● Adapt to cruise at full speed
Auxiliary driving system● AD MAX
Auxiliary driving level● L2
Circular warning system
Satellite navigation system
Navigation road conditions information display
Map brand● Amap
High - quality map
Parallel auxiliary
Movement auxiliary system
Hold in the lane
Road traffic identification
Automatic parking
Automatic Taoist Assistance
Remote call
Steering wheel departure detection
 Appearance/Guard against theft
Rim material● Aluminium alloy
Electric suction door● Whole vehicle
Electric trunk
Induction trunk
Electric trunk location memory
Engine electronic anti-theft
Car central control lock
Key type

● Bluetooth key
● Remote key

Keyless activation system
Keyless access function● Whole vehicle
Hide power door handles
Active closed intake grille
Remote startup function
Side pedal◯ Electric 1000 RMB
Battery preheating
External discharge
External lights
Near - light light source● LED
Far beam light source● LED
LED daytime running lights
Adaptive far and near light
Automatic headlight
Turn to auxiliary light
Big light height adjustment
Big lamp delay shutdown
Skylight / Glass
Skylight type● Sitrian cannot open the sunroof
Front/rear power WindowsFront ● / Back  ●
One key lift function of  Window ● Whole vehicle
Window anti-clamping function
Rear side privacy glass
In-car mirror

● Driver + Floodlight
● Copilot + Floodlight

Rear wiper
Sensor wiper function● Rain - sensing type
 Exterior rear-view mirror

Exterior rearview mirror function
● Electric regulation
● Electric folding
● Rearview mirror memory
● Rearview mirror heating up
● Reverse automatic rollover
● The lock car folds automatically
● Automatic anti-glare
Screen / System
Central control color screen● Touch LCD screen
Center control screen size● 15.7Inches
Passenger entertainment screen● 15.7Inches
Bluetooth/car phone
Speech recognition control system● Multimedia system
● Navigation
● Telephone
● Air conditioner
● Windows
Gesture control
Facial recognition
Car smart chip● SA8155P
Rear LCD screen
Rear LCD screen size● 15.7Inches
Rear control multimedia
Engine system memory(GB)● 24
Vehicle system storage(GB)● 256
Multi-finger flying screen operation
Voice-free wake-up words
Voice region wake recognition● Four regions
Continuous speech recognition
Visible to say
 Intelligent configuration
Vehicle networking
4G/5G Network

● 4G
● 5G

OTA Upgrades
In-car biological detection system

Mobile APP remote function
● Door control
● Window control
● Vehicle starting
● Charge management
●  Air conditioning control
● Vehicle condition inquiry/diagnosis
● Vehicle location/car finding
● Car owner service
(Find charging stations, gas stations, parking lots, etc.)
 Steering wheel / Inside mirror
Steering wheel material● Leather
Steering wheel position adjustment● Electric up and down + front and rear adjustment
Form of shift gears● Electronic handle shift
Multifunction steering wheel
Steering wheel heating
Steering wheel memory
Driving computer display screen● Colourful
Full LCD dashboard
Liquid crystal meter dimensions● 4.82Inches
Augmented reality head-up display
Internal rearview mirror function● Automatic anti - glare
 In-car charging
Multimedia/charging interface● Type - C
USB/Type-C Number of interfaces● Front row2 / Rear row 2
220V/230V Power supply
Mobile phone wireless charging function● Front row
Trunk 12V power interface
 Seat configuration 
Seat material● Leather
Main seat adjustment mode● Anteroposterior adjustment
● Backrest adjustment
● High-low adjustment(Four directions)
● Lumbar support(Four directions)
Passenger  seat adjustment mode● Anteroposterior adjustment
● Backrest adjustment
● High-low adjustment (Four directions)
● Lumbar support(Four directions)
Main/passenger seat electric regulationPrimary ● / Secondary ●
Front seat function● Heat
● Ventilate
● Massage
Power seat memory function● Driving position
Rear passenger seat adjustable button
Second Row seat adjustment● Backrest adjustment
● Lumbar support(Four directions)
Second row seat electric adjustment
Second row seat feature● Heat
● Ventilate
● Massage
Rear seat reclining form● Down at the ratio
Rear-seat power reclining
Front/rear center armrests Front ● / Back  ●
Rear cup holder
Audio/interior lighting
Number of loudspeaker● 21Megaphone
Dbly Atmos● 
Touch reading light● 
Interior environment atmosphere lamp● 256 Color
 Air conditioning / Refrigerator
Air conditioner temperature control mode●  Automatic air conditioning
Independent rear air conditioning● 
Backseat air outlet● 
Temperature zone control● 
Car air purifier● 
In-car PM2.5 Filter unit● 
 Characteristic configuration
ADAS Auxiliary lamp● 
VR Video output● 
 Appearance color040d5cba-a038-47a9-ab9b-c053b4d3e506.png
Interior colorcd3b7f86-da0c-40af-9e61-a0f8fb60829d.png
Optional package

Special car paint 10,000RMB

21 Inch wheel tire combination


     Central control color screen

     Touch LCD screen

     APP remote control


        Car smart chip

        Double-height snapdragon 8155

        Vehicle networking


   Voice Recognition


    Size of rear LCD screen



      Driver assistance class


      Number of cameras


     Driver assistance system

      Ideal AD Max

     Ultrasonic radar number


  Chip total computing power

  508 TOPS

  Number of millimeter wave radars



        Number of airbags


       Fatigue Driving Alert


   Function of tire Pressure Monitoring

   Tire pressure display

   Lane Keeping Assist


      Lane departure warning


      Lane Keeping



      Battery type

      Three Yuan carp battery

      Pure electric range


      Cell brand

      Nind era

      Fast Charge Time


        Battery capacity


        Battery pack warranty

        Eight years or 160,000 kilometers


         A row of height


        Inner width of two rows


        The internal width of a row



                Second platoon height




   Seat material

   Real leather

Main seat adjustment 

Front and back/back/high and low waist

The main seat is electrically adjustable


Passenger  seat adjustment mode

Front and back/back/height/waist

Electric adjustment of auxiliary seat



Engine mode


Total Horsepower


      Total motor power


      Official 100km acceleration


      Total torque of the motor


       Measured 100km

       — —