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Car Refrigerator

Brand: GPC2M

Product Origin: Jiangsu, China

Delivery Time: 3-10 working days

Supply Capacity: 1,000 pcs per day

Highlights: Fast Cooling, Compact and Convenient, Anti-vibrationand

                    Anti-shaking, Dual-use Car and Home,Low Noise and Silence

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                 Processing Customization: Yes

                 Type: Compressor Car Refrigerator

                 Cooling Temperature: -18~10°C

                 Product Capacity: 18/25 L

                 Power Supply Mode: 12V/24V DC or AC

                 Rated Power: 40/45W



           Fast Compressor Cooling No Wating


                       Long-lasting Freshness

                       Provides a long-lasting fresh environment for food,

                         preserving the freshness of different ingredients

                                according to their storage temperature


                                                   Dual-use Car and Home

  Compact size does not occupy an area placed anywhere to move with the heart