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Assisted robotic arm

Whether Customizable: Yes

Place of Origin: Jiangsu - China

Category: Fixed robots

Specification: Various

Scope: wide

Highlights: Strong Lifting Capacity, Multiple Load Levels, 

                    LargeRotation Angle,Four-link Mechanism,

                    Eccentricity resistance.

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Product advantages


Strong Lifting Capacity

The load can be up to 350G (including fixture),

which can achieve larger transplanting and 

handling and provide support for the load 

fixture to meet the freedom of the fixture.

Multiple Load Levels

The load is divided into five weight levels 

to meet the needs of different weight work 

and different levels of complexity of the fixture, 

to meet the lifting capacity at the same time to 

improve the flexibility of the robot arm operation.



Large Rotation Angle

Rotating joints can achieve 360° free rotation, 

so that the work driftis not limited to eliminate 

the troubles caused by the winding of the air 

pipe during the rotation of the equipment.

Four-link Mechanism

Mechanical arm in the process of lifting the 

four-link structure can effectively keep the 

forearm of the robot arm is always in the 

horizontal state, has reached the working 

state of the consistent.



Eccentricity resistance

Enough rigidity can effectively resist the 

eccentricity of the work to complete the 

operation of clamping work into the cavity.